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Acacia, San Bernardino

304-unit apartment complex.  Defects include water intrusion through roofs and membrane decks, structural electrical and fire safety defects. Settled $4.5 million.

American Cemwood Class Action

The class action complaint in this lawsuit alleges that this roofing shingle made from 2/3 Portland cement and 1/3 wood fiber and manufactured by Cemwood Shakes is defective. Two-phase settlement for approximately $160 million.

Arena2 LLC

Commercial development land subsidence. Settlement $1,085,000

Arroyo Grande, Las Vegas, NV

234 units, construction defects, settled $2.5 million

Buck Center Landslide Case, Marin County

Class action for landslide litigation injunctive relief and damage claim for homeowners damaged by landslide. Jury verdict/Settlement for $5.5 million.

Cal Shake Class Action

Class action for roofing product - Settlement for New Cal Shake. Jury verdict Contra Costa County Superior Court for $62 million.

Camino Place Homeowners Association, Pleasanton

50-unit condominium project. Settled for $2.3 million.

Canyon Meadows of Pleasanton Homeowners Association, Pleasanton

244-unit town home project.  Major siding defects with window, sliding glass doors and common wall problems.Settled for $3.2 million.

Canyon Villas, Las Vegas, NV

256 unit project, settlement in excess of $2.5 million.

Cape Horn Lofts HOA, San Francisco

Construction defect case involving water intrusion for a 16-unit condominium complex. Settled $660,000.

Center Place HOA, Marin County

30 unit building within an association, catastrophic roofing damage, $4 million settlement.

Clarendon Hills OA

285 units condominium conversion. Settlement $4,500,000.

Contra Costa Villas II, Walnut Creek

105-unit condominium complex; defects with windows, decks and roof causing extensive water damage. Settled for $4.1 million.

Del Mar Terrace, Inc. v. Nevis Homes, LLC et al., Pasadena, California

Construction-defect case involving a apartment-to-condominium conversion in Pasadena, California. The Association's cost estimate to repair the defects associated with the 39 units was just under $1 million. The case settled on March 2, 2010, for $800,000 (i.e., $20,512 per unit).

Durango North and South Corps., Las Vegas, NV

Defective roofs, windows, sliding glass doors, balcony and patio walls, entry and balcony decks, stairs. Settled for $7.3 million.

Eagle Trace Corp, Las Vegas, NV

297-Unit Project. Trial against drywall subcontractor. Settled for $3.5 million.

East Bay Bridge Partners

220-unit condominium project involving water intrusion. Settlement $12,412,422.

Geary Courtyard Associates, San Francisco

High rise apartment complex; defects in exterior cladding and roofs. Settled for $1.030 million.

Horizon Ridge Apartment Corp.

Defective roofs, windows, sliding glass doors, balcony and patio walls, entry and balcony decks and stairs. Settled for $3.5 million.

Jingletown Association, Oakland

Condominium project, settled for $2.5 million.

Large Southern California Resort & Spa

Construction defects, settled in excess of $180,000,000.

Meadowstone, Lake Tahoe/Kirkwood

A collection of luxury ski-in/out condominiums. Settled for just under $3.3 million

Menu Pet Food Class Action

National class action against Menu Food Holdings, Inc. for tainted pet food resulting in death of hundreds of dogs and cats. Settled $24 million.

Napa Valley Club, Napa

130-unit condominium project.Settled for $3.5 million.

Ocean Beach Homeowners, San Francisco

152-unit condominium project.  Stucco, window and flashing problems. Settled for $12.6 million.

Ocean Harbor House, Monterey

Condominium conversion involving failure to provide proper sea protection. Settled during trial for $7 million.

Old Town Square, Oakland

99-unit condominium project . Settled for $2,275,155.

Olen Residential Realty Corp., Las Vegas, NV

Over 3000 apartment units; defects include windows, decks and exterior cladding. Settlements to date: $100 million.

One Trinity Center, San Francisco

13-story commercial building; 132,000 sq'; HVAC defects; fire system problems; defective fire wall construction and stairwell; ADA compliance issues. Settled for $2.43 million.

Owner of Large Southern California Resort & Spa

Construction Defect and first party insurance claim case. Settlement in excess of $180 million.

Oxford Garden, Fremont, CA

46 unit condominium project, significant roof leaks, dry rot and termite damage, Settled for $2,3 million.

Pacific Pointe CC Corp, Orange County

Construction defect case - three-building business park.  Defective soils. Settled $722,500.

Pointe Pacific Homeowners, Daly City

326-unit condominium project.  Major structural defects, soil settlement problems, roofing and sheet metal flashing defects, window defects, problems with siding, chimneys, common walls and acoustics. Settled for $18.75 million.

Point Tiburon Marsh, Bayside and Lagoon Condominium Association, Tiburon

151-unit condominium project, water intrusion, soils settlement, saltwater incursion into manmade  lagoon, siding, and roofing. Settled for $8.5 million.

Ranchhome Holo Holo, Hawaii

Construction defects with a condominium project consisting of forty-four (44) residential apartments and appurtenant common elements, situated at Waimea, Island of Hawaii.  Settlement $1,235,000.

Rancho Solano, Fairfield

Major landslide remediation. 920-unit residential Community. Trial to jury verdict of $5.84 million. Judgment satisfied.

Red Rock, Las Vegas, NV

192 units, construction defects, settled for $2.45 million.

Reflections Maintenance Association

296-unit condominium conversion. Settlement $4,325,000.

Rivera et al, v Willowbrook, Watsonville

Landslide into protected habitat. Trial to jury verdict of approximately $1.25 million.

Sanctuary Bay vs. Tyco

Class action for defective fire sprinklers. Consent agreement to recall the product and replace it with new product including labor for installation.

San Francisco Food Bank, San Francisco

SFFB is a non-profit corporation and is the largest anti-hunger organization located in the City and County of San Francisco.  The Food Bank's defective 40,000 square-foot concrete warehouse floor was the reason for this suit. Settled for $1 million.

S.F. Towers, San Francisco

Two luxury condominium high-rise towers over a podium deck. The association had claims pre- and post- control by the homeowner/purchasing members. The total settlement was a very large eight-figure resolution.

San Francisco Tiffany Gardens, San Francisco

Mixed-use residential and commercial building. Construction defects. Settlement $3,307,500.

Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara

Defects with design of large parking structure. Settled for $2 million.

Sierra at Jack London

 224 unit condominium complex with 219 residential units and 5 commercial spaces. Construction defects/deficiencies. Settlement $8,030,000.

Sonoma Greens Owners Association, Sonoma

126-lot planned unit development. Siding, flashing and structural defects. Settled for $5.2 million.

Spanish Ridge Corp

Defective roofs, windows, sliding glass doors, balcony and patio walls, entry and balcony decks, stairs, entry and utility doors, fire walls, structural framing and concrete, stucco, sidewalks, asphalt driveways, drainage, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. Settled for $3.5 million.

Spanner vs. Forecast, Sacramento

74-individual homes.  Slab moisture and various architectural defects. Settled for $2,590,000.

Sutterfield Towers, San Francisco

17-story mixed use condominium with major plumbing problems and below grade waterproofing issues, Settled for $1.875 million.

The Boardwalk Owners Association, Redwood City

206-unit condominium project.  Fire safety issues, structural  issues, soils settlement. Settled for $4.4 million.

Trinity vs. Kircher, San Francisco

12-story commercial building.  Fire damage. Jury trial to verdict against owners. $783,000. Insurance claim settled for $433,000 Construction defect claim settled for $776,000.

Trinity Towers, San Francisco

Twin Tower-297 apartment units; 3 commercial floors; 364,155 square feet.  EIFS failure; water intrusion through windows; fire safety issues. Settled for $4.633 million.

Village in the Park Homeowners Association, Daly City

300-unit condominium project.  Major structural/framing problems, major water intrusion through windows and roofing defects as well as drainage problems. Settled for $6.5 million.

Westwood Cove HOA, Contra Costa County

Breach of contract case brought by homeowners against general contractor for common area repairs. Settled $300,000.

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